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An example of a great press release

What a real press release looks like!

The press release below was issued by UNICEF to announce an event. Adapt this when drafting your very own press release! IN SCHOOL: STAR WRITER TO ADDRESS EDUCATION RALLY

[When?] On 21 January, at 3pm, [Who?] Ms. __ _ the successful author and former pupil at the local School, [What?] will address a meeting [Where?] in the ___ Community Hall [Why?] in support of the fight to give all children an education. [How?] The meeting is organised by local campaigning group, Kids in School, of which the star author is the patron.

"The time has come for everyone to stand up and be counted on," Ms. _ commented on accepting the invitation to speak. "And the time has come for all children – girls and boys – to be in full-time education. Education is not only crucial to the future of each young person, but to the future of our whole country."

The meeting has been called against a background of growing support for the campaign to give all children the education that is their right under the Convention on the Rights of the Child. But there is still much to be done. A recent survey, carried out by Kids in School among 150 local children, revealed that 20 per cent of girls and 12 per cent of boys under the age of 16 were not in full-time education. (A copy of the survey report is enclosed with this press release.)

The meeting starts at 2.30 pm on 21 January and is open to all. Other speakers include the __ School's head teacher, Mr , and __ __ of Kids in School. Questions from the audience will be taken after Ms. ____'s speech.

Ms. __ is probably best know for her book _ and for her column in the _ newspaper. She attended _ School between 1980 and 1984 before going on to win a scholarship to ____ University.

Around the world, there are over 59 million children of primary school-age, who are being denied their right to education. Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for more than one-half of all out-of-school children worldwide, 55 per cent of whom are girls.

The United Nations sustainable goals adopted in 2015 have set the target of making sure that by 2030, all girls and boys complete free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education.

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