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The power of public speaking

Top tips to master public speaking!

Public speaking is a good way of expressing your views at meetings, special events and other gatherings.

It is also an important skill if you want to get your message across one-to-one. Here are a few tips to help you master public speaking!

Preparation is key

If you are going to deliver a set speech at an event or meeting, it is really important to prepare! Don't just say the first thing that comes into your head as you are unlikely to be taken seriously. Make sure you do the necessary research, and keep it fairly brief so you do not bore your audience (20 minutes is generally enough). It is also worth knowing a little bit about your audience so that you tailor your speech to their interests or concerns. Then use the following tips on structure and content.

Start strong

If it is your event, thank people for coming.

Clearly describe the issue including facts and stories

Give your audience a call to action

If possible, memorize your speech. This will make it seem more spontaneous and allow you to make eye contact. Make a list of your main points to help you if you get stuck. While speaking, try to relax and not fidget. Speak slowly, loudly and clearly.

The tips above are also relevant when you are taking part in a discussion at a meeting or other event.

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