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Using posters and leaflet to spread the word

How to promote your cause through printed materials!

Posters are a simple but effective way of publicizing events and communicating important messages to the public. They can be displayed at special events and/or at school or community centre notice boards. Think carefully about where you will put up your posters — try to find a location where lots of people will pass by but where it will not get lost in the crowd.

When creating a poster them attractive and easy to read. Use pictures or graphics and include one simple, memorable message in large lettering that will attract attention. You can also include more detailed information in smaller lettering. If you are making your own information posters, make sure to get them checked by someone as spelling mistakes will make your group look unprofessional.

Flyers and fact sheets — are simple leaflets that you hand out to get the message out about your cause or announce specific events. Make sure you include all the necessary information!

To be effective, flyers need to be distributed widely. You can hand out flyers in the street, distribute them door-to-door or leave piles of them in suitable locations, for example in a community hall.

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