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What is Generation 2030?

An initiative to help youth be heard and reach their potential

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There are half a billion children in Africa today, and the number is increasing rapidly. This means that, over the coming decade, young people like me will shape how the future looks in communities and countries across the continent.

More than ever before, my voice needs to be heard in key areas like health, education, and access to basic services like water. I need to start making some noise to ensure that my rights are realised!

Generation2030 - GEN2030 - is a UNICEF initiative that aims to help young people reach their potential and be heard. This portal provides loads of resources to help young people take action on the issues they’re passionate about. There is also some information to support young job seekers or entrepreneurs too!

Much of what’s on this site is drawn from UNICEF Guide to Action, which you can check out here: [] (data charges may apply).

Now it's time to get moving!

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