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Gather the support you need

Four ways to get people excited about your cause!

If you are thinking about setting up your own group or club to take action, here are four suggestions for finding members and sources of help.

  1. Contact relevant organizations: If you're interested in education, there is likely to be a local or international organization working on the particular issue you're interested in that you could link up with.
  2. Talk to people you know: Family and friends and other young people and adults in your school and community are always a good source! Ask them if they would be willing to support or help you. If it first you find it difficult to get support, do not give up, persistence is crucial to success.
  3. Arrange public talks and discussions: Ask for permission to talk about the issue at school, at your local place of worship, at community gatherings and at sports clubs or other events. The more you talk about your issue the better.
  4. Set up a meeting: A specific meeting about your project can help get things moving. You can have it at someone's home, at school, at a community centre or place of worship, or anywhere else where you can get permission to meet in relative comfort and without too much disturbance. Put up posters announcing the meeting. Follow up your posters by speaking to as many people as you can face-to-face. The day before your meeting, remind as many people as you can about it.

It can take time to gather the support you need, but it's an essential ingredient to success so do your best to get people excited about what you're passionate about.

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