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Want to become a leader in your community?


There are half a billion children in Africa today, and the number is increasing rapidly.

This means young people like me will shape how the future looks in my community, my country, even across my continent over the coming decades.

More than ever before, my voice needs to be heard when in key areas like health, education, and access to water. I need to start making some noise to ensure that my rights are realised.

GEN2030 is a UNICEF initiative. It provides loads of resources to help me take action on the issues I'm passionate about and become a young advocate! One of these resources is the newly developed Youth Advocacy Guide!

It has all the essential elements to help me become a doer - from identifying a cause I'm passionate about, to developing my vision as a project leader. GEN2030 is the place to be!

For the full version and more detailed information, visit the Voices of Youth website

Now it's time to get moving and help change the world!

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