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Different ways to approach your chosen cause

Once you have chosen a cause that you're passionate about and done some research, the next step is to decide what sort of approach you want to take. Here are some options. But remember that you do not necessarily have to choose between them!

Individual or group?

Decide whether you want to act as an individual or as part of a group.

Be a role model

Make sure your own behaviour is in line with your aims and beliefs. If you show the strength of your beliefs in the way you live, you can become a role-model because your commitment and confidence will influence and inspire others.

Help others in your community

Another good starting-point for individual action is to help out where you can in your family and community. Take part in a litter pick. Plant a tree. Help out at your local hospital.

Come together

A lot can be done by just one person. But there is undoubtedly strength in numbers. If you want to join forces with other like-minded people, one option is to support or join an existing national or international organization. You could also form your own group or club to take action.

Local, national, or international?

Action can be taken at many different levels. Think about whether you want to focus your attention on local, national, or international issues.

Final tip: Whatever direction you choose, working out your goals and exactly how you will try to reach them is crucial. So, the next step is to get organized.

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