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A real life funding proposal

A real life funding proposal

Tips on writing proposals

Here is a good example for you to understand how a funding proposal is written!

Your name:

Your group's name:

Your address:

Potential donor's name:

Potential donor's address:


Name of Project

The project

The Streetwise AIDS Awareness Club (see covering letter for our mission statement) is planning to stage a series of short plays and sketches to try to reduce discrimination against HIV-positive people. We have already got permission to use the __ school hall, and Ms _ _, a representative of the local non-governmental organization ____, is acting as our script consultant and adviser (see below). The performances will take place on 24 and 25 June of this year. If the project is successful, we plan to stage more plays during the next school term.

The budget

We will be making all the props and costumes ourselves, but there will be a few costs in staging our production. These break down as follows:

Photocopying (leaflets, posters and tickets) __

Refreshments __

Postage and stationery __

We have already raised by doing odd jobs, and would be very grateful if your organization would consider donating for the cost of photocopying our leaflets, posters and tickets (samples enclosed). We have also applied to _ for help with the cost of refreshments.

If you decided to make a donation, we would name you as a sponsor on all our photocopied material.

For further information, please contact us at the address above, or contact our referee: Name and full contact details for adviser

Remember that fundraising can be difficult and that you might have to try many different organizations or businesses to raise the money you need. Don't give up!

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