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Growing strong and healthily

Parents often wonder if a child is growing healthily, especially when children are fussy eaters; or if it is safe to let them use equipment in the play areas; or if a child is strong enough to accompany you for a walk in the park?

By age three children have achieved good control of major muscles and can walk, climb, run and walk up and down stairs with one foot on each step. At this age children join in active play with other children and enjoy playing in open spaces, such as the local playground or at the ECD centre.

As they are just beginning to learn about the meaning of boundaries and rules, they may not be fully aware of issues of danger and personal safety as they climb or run. Parenting can be both challenging and rewarding, and as parents we can always do things better and improve with practice. Here are some helpful tips:


Notice that being active in the life your child makes a significant contribution and benefits both as it is rewarding and makes you feel good about being parents.

Observe that sharing tasks with family members and enjoying your child becoming a happy person, contributes to a happy family life.

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