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Why is it important to play and engage with your 3 years old child?

At age three, your child has gone a long way in their physical, social and personal development. They have doubled in size and are active, constantly moving around, exploring and perfecting walking, jumping and running. They also are active family members and recognise and show affection to people close to them. They also react if a new face appears.

At age three children can express their feeling, emotions and communicate what they wish or needs using language. They enjoy chatting and quickly learn they can use it for communications. Parents often wonder if language is developing appropriately and if the combination of gestures and words young children use is fine.

At age three your child has learnt the names of people, toys, and objects in the environment, and takes every opportunity to move around looking for them, eventually finding small challenges that need resolving. Allow your child to try and find solutions and offer support if required.


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