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Enjoy fun activities in a healthy environment


Notice how your child enjoys being creative and feels confident in playing roles.

You should react positively and encourage confidence and sense of security in your child.

Observe your child’s reactions to choices and how him/her makes own choices.

Notice your child’s reactions to conflict and even if he/she looks frustrated, allow them to find solutions.

Notice how they stay concentrated for longer time and the effort they put into solving small challenges.

Observe that your child models on parents and adults who care for them and tend to copy the way you talk and use language.

Look out for the development of a sense of time and this is a good way to encourage your child.

Observe how your child is able to follow a story’s plot and how they enjoy reading it over and over again; use the occasion to ask your child to tell you back the story.

You should have received many questions from your child and they expect and answer every time, if you run out of answers, check with sources.

Observe that you child may not understand the concept of number and it is a good practice to introduce counting when playing hide & seek.

See how your child begins to follow rules and others and takes turns when required. Games for example ‘Simon Says’, your child can follow instructions and the leader.

Notice your child has greater control of big muscles (legs and arms) though still requires practice to fine tune coordination, playing music and doing fun games will support physical development.

You should encourage your child to keep good hygiene habits including brushing teeth regularly. Even milk teeth should be cared for avoiding tooth decay.

Encourage your child to tidy up and put toys away in a designated place. Your child soon will learn where things are and where she/he should find them.

Make your utmost to keep a clean environment free of pollutants.

Consider your child’s safety when travelling by car. Buckling up a seat belt greatly increases the chances of survival in the event of an accident.

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